What is the application process?

Applying to A. Fantis is simple and streamlined.
Read more about the application process here.

We are not Greek or Greek Orthodox, can we enroll?

Yes! Fantis is a welcoming community and we have families of many different faiths.
Greek nationality is not required for admission, but a baptismal certificate is required for K-8 students.
We are happy to assist with this process if needed.

Please contact us with any questions.

What is the student body size & student-teacher ratio?

A. Fantis student body is under 200. K-8 classes are capped to under 20 students per grade.
A 7:1 student to teacher ratio is maintained. Preschool classrooms have a lead teacher with teaching assistants.

How is religion incorporated throughout the day?

Faith and love of God are foundational components of a Fantis education. K-8 students start the morning each day in the cafeteria with a prayer before announcements. Held each week, religion class teaches the basics of Christianity before a deeper dive of project-based learning into iconography, service learning and comparative religion analysis in middle school. Fr. Evagoras holds monthly liturgy, held in the Cathedral behind the school, to celebrate holy days and help students practice their faith. Rooted in the Greek Orthodox tradition, the majority of the religion curriculum and liturgy overlap the core tenets of Christianity, supporting students in upholding their faith and dedication to God.

Have questions? Contact us.

What are breakfast and lunch options?

Breakfast and lunch options are provided for free through the NYC DOE. However, we are currently in contact with several vendors to provide families with another option for healthy, made-from-scratch, school breakfast and lunch options.

What are the hours of the school day?

Preschool begins at 8:10 and ends at 2:30.
K-8 students arrive at 8:05 and dismiss at 3:00.
Please note any siblings in preschool are able to stay in our after-school program until 3:00 without a fee.

What is the cut-off date?

PreK3: 3 years old by December 31 of entry year.
PreK4: 4 years old by December 31 of entry year.
For students in K-8, the age cutoff is slightly more flexible. Each candidate is considered on an individual basis.

Do you offer transportation?

A. Fantis offers free, privately chartered bus service to students throughout Brooklyn.
Learn more here.

What are before and after-school options?

At 7:45am, K-8 students can arrive for complimentary free play in the gymnasium or breakfast in the cafeteria.
After-school options include Beyond the Bell, which operates from dismissal to 6:00pm. Click here to learn about the variety of after-school clubs, sports, private music lessons, enrichment and more.

What if my child does not speak Greek?

That is fine! Students do not need to know any Greek in order to enroll. In middle school, Greek language classes are separated into beginner and advanced levels. The primary school curriculum allows teachers to provide differentiated instruction within the classroom. All transfer students tutor during the first few months of school and use online language programs so that they can achieve the basic foundations necessary to participate more effectively during class. The type of Greek language examinations administered—Level B1 and the Greek Regents High School Exam—will depend on each student and grade of entry. Speak with admissions to discuss the possibilities for your child.

What extracurricular activities are offered?

Fantis offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, which are interest based. Middle School Clubs (link pdf) are held each week and range from pottery to debate team. Daily after-school clubs are available for all grades.

Explore them further: after-school life and athletics.

What resources are available for special needs students?

A. Fantis is proud to serve students with special needs and 504 plans. Our special education coordinator works with families and teachers on each student’s goals and services. Incoming students are reviewed on an individual basis. We work with each K-8 family to ensure Fantis is able to provide the appropriate setting for the success of each student. 

Do you take standardized tests?

Due to an overreliance on test prep and standardized testing, the true nature of assessments has become misconstrued. We believe that frequent, ongoing test prep is a misguided approach and not a good use of the school day. With personalized instruction and an engaging, rigorous and well-balanced curriculum, we focus on developing high achieving students who naturally will do well on exams. A. Fantis uses a variety of ongoing assessments—formal and informal—strategically and with purpose so teachers have a clear portrait of each student’s growth and development across several domains. Fantis administers in-house benchmark assessments at key points in the year to ensure students are making adequate progress within the school year and across. NY state exams in English and Math for students in grades 3-8 provides another piece of data, including a comparison of overall school achievement to other schools across the city and state. Due to our advanced coursework, our 8th grade students take high school Regents exams in Algebra, Living Environment, Greek and US History. This will place them on the fast track for a diploma with advanced distinction in public high schools. Students in other settings will benefit from already have taken high school level coursework and assessments in the core subjects.

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