Student Achievement

Students’ progress is monitored closely and across several domains, including academic, social-emotional, and citizenship. Academic performance is measured frequently with informal and formal assessments, such as observation, interviews and standard assessments, administered throughout the year. Assessments are evaluated collaboratively in teams including the classroom teacher, Department Chairs, and the administration. All results are used to inform instruction for students, classrooms and the school.

Students in grades 3 through 8 are also evaluated using the NYS ELA and Math Exams. These assessments provide useful data for classroom and school performance over time. Last year, our school achievement scores improved 10%. Our projected target scores for 2018 are detailed in the chart above.


Students in Grades Pre-K 3 and UPK receive four progress reports. Grades K through 8 receive quarterly written report cards. These include a grade in each subject, as well as teacher comments. Interim progress reports are given to students Grades 1 through 8 in November and March. Formal Parent/Teacher conferences are held twice a year. However, details of student progress are provided frequently communication folder and app. Parents are also invited to contact their child’s teacher throughout the year with any queries or concerns. When necessary, teachers reach out to parents to address concerns and student progress.