School Leadership

Passion for the work underlies decades of experience and training

The A. Fantis School Leadership combines decades of experience and graduate school studies, underlying a passion for the work and unwavering commitment to the students, families and teachers. School Leadership is service-focused and dedicated to creating the right environment to promote the success of our students and teachers. A laser-like focus on attracting, supporting and developing exemplary teachers ensures our students will reach their fullest potential. Take time to meet the exceptional educators who help bring the school vision to life.

Successful school leadership depends on active collaboration with families, including the PTO and classroom parents. Ongoing partnerships with premier universities, such as Vanderbilt University and Bank Street College of Education, provide the unparalleled expertise and knowledge that allows A. Fantis to continue to innovate and engage in a cycle of continuous improvement.

Theodore G. Tasoulas
Dean of the Cathedral
Father Evagoras Constantinides
Administrative Assistant
Stelene Argyriou
Director of Operations
Gregory Gounardes
Afanits Logo Tile - Faculty
School Counselor
Kara Poulon
Afanits Logo Tile - Faculty
Preschool Education Director
Randie Bader
Special Education Coordinator
Fatema Hossain
Primary School Dean, 4th Grade Teacher
Thalia Fasarakis
Hellenic Studies Chair
Ioanna Glava
A. Fantis School
School Psychologist
Dr. Lisa Dubinsky