Small Community

Since 1963, A.Fantis Parochial school has been a close knit community that spans generations of students, teachers and board members. Small class sizes in a multi-level PreK – 8 facility promote the sense of a large family of learners and educators. Classroom environments are nurturing and safe, allowing for our students to take the necessary risks and challenges needed for true growth.

A low staff to student ratio allows for individualization of instruction that ensures academic success. Classroom teachers collaborate closely in teams that include other teachers, Department Chairs and administration in an effort to provide the greatest academic and personal growth for our students.

  1. Fantis community extends outside the classroom with monthly events and performances, such as Greek Drama, overnight camping trips, holiday parties and family events like bowling or ice-skating. The A. Fantis PTO is a dedicated group of parents that immensely support our staff and students. The PTO works closely with classroom parents and other volunteers to make school life an important part of the A. Fantis experience.