What are the Different types of Private Schools?


When selecting a public, a private or parochial school in NYC, parents have many choices and many types of schools. A. Fantis Parochial School is a private school in Downtown Brooklyn serving families with children from pre-K through 8th grade. It was established in 1963 as a private school in Brooklyn, NY. to provide the growing Greek Orthodox community a comprehensive approach to a modern education with classical values based on Christian principles. The A. Fantis Parochial School offers small classes, personalized instruction and student enabling teaching methods. The school engages students in learning to maximize growth and development for each student. The curriculum includes a special cultural emphasis on Greek and Hellenic history, language, and culture. Although it is a Christian school, it welcomes students of all faiths.

The different types of schools vary in their approaches to education and individual school policies.

Private Schools

Private schools are funded through tuition, private donations, fundraising and other private sources of funds. They can offer a variety of curriculum options not available in public education. Private schools do not accept all applicants, and they charge admission fees that will vary by institution.


Types of Private Schools

Traditional Private School

The traditional private school gets funding from tuition and other sources of income. They can be non-profit models or for-profit institutions. Traditional private schools set their curricula and do not follow government policy. Private schools do not accept all applicants, and students must pay tuition and expenses.

Montessori School

The Montessori Method was a pioneer in creative education that broke from US traditions. The Montessori school emphasizes experience, hands-on activities, and freedom to let the child develop. The method features communities in which a teacher might work with students over a period of years.

Parochial School

The parochial school is a church-sponsored private institution, and frequently in the NYC area, they are Catholic or Orthodox church-sponsored schools. A. Fantis is associated with Sts. Constantine and Helen Cathedral –  a founding institution of the Greek Orthodox community of Brooklyn and greater New York City. Parochial schools have to adhere to the same state-level educational guidelines as any other private school. Their focus includes providing a standard curriculum including science, math and English language arts. A religious education is provided alongside secular subjects. For parents who want to provide their children with a well-balanced education encompassing secular subjects and who value the importance of religious education, a Parochial school would be the best choice. 

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Open House Events

A. Fantis Parochial School is a community-based private school in Brooklyn that is committed to educational excellence; in addition to attainment, the school offers immersion in Hellenic and Greek Culture. The curriculum and dedicated faculty equip graduates for the challenges of the best secondary, arts, and technical schools. We welcome your visit and will gladly answer any questions about choosing the best school for your children. Our private school Open House event is an excellent way to see the school and get a firsthand experience of the school, its facilities, and faculty. You can see the potential benefits for you and your child’s educational future.


Public Education

States and local government operate institutions where public education is provided, and the funding comes from States and local governments with up to ten percent from the federal government. States set standards for teacher qualifications and issue licenses that teachers must have before working in the system. Public education is free to the student, the budgets come from taxes and general government funds. Generally speaking, students attend schools located near their residence.

Types of Public Education

Traditional Public Education

Traditional public schools are neighborhood-based units of the city school system. They accept all students, and there is no tuition. Public schools follow curriculum and guidance issued by the State and City governments.

Charter Schools

Charter schools have a mix of public and private standards. Like public institutions, they are tuition-free, but they have limited capacity and parents must apply for admission. Charter schools can vary their curriculum and allow teachers and administrators some discretion in developing educational content.

Public Online School

Virtual schools offer a modern solution for public education. Students can attend classes and participate in the school curriculum through the Internet. Public virtual schools have the same standards for teacher qualifications and teacher licenses. The virtual school curriculum is designed to be consistent with the traditional school system.

Some schools and school systems offer online courses and supplemental material. These may be extra academics and options that work with homeschooling. Virtual public education is different; virtual schools add flexibility and customized approaches to meet student and family needs. Virtual education offers exceptional opportunities for teachers to customize courses and interactions with students and families.

Magnet school

The magnet school offers superior academics and special programs to attract students from a wide community. Magnet schools are an exception to traditional local schools which set attendee by neighborhood or location.

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