Theodore G. Tasoulas - Principal at A. Fantis Parochial School

Welcome from the Principal

It is with great excitement that we enter the new academic year. I have been working closely with staff and families over the summer to ensure a successful school year for 2017-2018. Some of the exciting initiatives

  • New Lunch Program
    • A. Fantis partnered with Red Rabbit to enhance our school meal choices with local, seasonal, whole food choices that are fresh and nutritious. Families can now select options for breakfast, lunch and snacks online at their own convenience.
  • After-school Programs
    • Chess, yoga, coding, and engineering are just some of the new offerings added this year, in addition to our ongoing programs of art, basketball, Greek dance and private lessons in guitar, music and piano.
  • Classroom NYC
    • Each grade will utilize the plethora of resources available in NYC and beyond. Middle school is excited to begin work with the Billion Oyster Project by monitoring and harvesting oysters in the harbor. This October, they will embark on a three-day overnight camping trip in Greenkill Outdoor Education Center in the Catskills with activities focused on applied science standards, outdoor skills and adventure.
  • Innovative Curriculum Design
    • Planning and professional development have been focused on creating a curriculum that prepares students for 21st century learning. Each teacher will integrate Project Based Learning (PBL) within their classroom and beyond. For example, our Middle School Department Chairs of English and Social Studies have created a year-long course in the Humanities, which will synthesize literature with history and civics in authentic units of study guided by essential questions. Our Department Chair of Science will be working to more fully implement STEM at each grade level, with a focus on engineering design.
  • High School Placement
    • Incoming eighth graders and families will be supported throughout the process to ensure our graduates enter their schools of choice. This includes group and individual meetings with families, as well as student support for exams.
  • Community Building
    • At the heart of A. Fantis is a warm and welcoming community of staff, students and families that spans generations. This year we will seek more ways to open communication by utilizing our new website and Facebook page, as well as the online communication app called Bloomz. The school and the PTO are working to provide more opportunities each month for families to socialize, including PTO family events in the school and local community for students of all ages, “Coffee with the Principal” days and more.

I am proud of last year’s students and staff for achieving over 10% growth in both ELA and Math school-wide, as well as exceptional performance on the Regents. We seek to continue that growth this year, as well as enhance school life for both families and students. I invite you to explore our website further and like our Facebook page to more fully appreciate the exceptional community found in A. Fantis Parochial School.

Warm wishes,

Theodore G. Tasoulas