Please be advised that there has been a change in the uniform from September 2015 onwards. Below, please find the new uniform items. All school clothing must be purchased from Lands’ End so that our student body will present a uniform appearance. All button-down shirts, polo shirts and fleeces must have the A. Fantis logo from Lands’ End. Our preferred School # at Lands’ End is 900089533. Using this code will ensure that the proper uniform is purchased by providing a checklist of approved items.

A. Fantis Lands’ End Homepage.


Students are to wear the designated school uniforms. Under no circumstances should students wear any other dress not approved by A. Fantis. Please make sure that your children’s clothes are CLEAN, FRESHLY IRONED, PROPERLY FITTED AND STAIN FREE. Their attire reflects the pride and excellence of our school.

September, October, May and June

  • Girls – Grades K-8 Polo Shirts & Skorts (New Item # 320086-BP3)
  • Boys – Grades K-8 Polo Shirts & Shorts or Slacks

November Through April

  • Girls – Grades K-4 Oxford Shirts & Jumpers (New Item #068176-BP3) or Slacks
  • Girls – Grades 5-8 Oxford Shirts & Skirts or Pants
  • Boys – Grades K -8 Oxford Shirts & Slacks
  • Girls must wear white knee highs or white tights only. No ankle socks are permitted.
  • Students in grades K-8 must wear black shoes.

Gym Uniform

Navy Blue Shorts or Sweat Pants, White Tee-Shirt with school logo and sneakers.

Kindergarten students do not have to be in regular dress code on gym days and are permitted to wear their gym uniform to school. However, if Divine Liturgy occurs on a gym day, students must be in full dress code.


GIRLS: Blazer, jumper (Grades K- 4) or skirt (Grades 5 – 8), white shirt, tie, white tights and black shoes
BOYS: Blazer, tie, white shirt, blue pants and black shoes

All students from Grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade are required to be in Full Dress Code for Special Occasions such as: Liturgy, Greek Parade (Girls must also wear berets and gloves for the Parade), Special Assemblies, Trips, Student Leaders (Open House, Special Programs, Student Council Meetings) as well as special events announced by the Principal. Clothes will not be lent out from the PTO used uniform closet.

School Patches, Ties (boys and girls), Berets and Gloves will be available for purchase from the school office.