Greenkill Outdoor Education Center

Middle School Camping Trip

This October, A. Fantis Middle School will be spending three days and two nights at the Greenkill Outdoor Education Center, which provides educational programs for students in a natural retreat-like setting. Led by professional scientists and educators, our students will participate in classes that bring science instruction alive while building leadership and outdoor skills. Through guided discovery, communal living, hands on exploration, and engaging their peers, students will build character development and learn the interrelationships that exist socially and in nature.

Throughout the three days the students would work with the Center staff on individual and group learning activities.  The classes at Greenkill are designed to be a hands on extension of the traditional in-school curriculum. The Educational activities at the Outdoor Education Center focus on two areas:

Environmental Education and History Education:
Waters Ecology
Forest Ecology
Native American Studies
Pioneer History
Living with the land

Outdoor Skills:
Map Skills
Compass Skills