Innovative Curriculum Design

A.Fantis Parochial School empowers students to be ready for a rapidly changing future with 21st century learning environments. Planning and professional development have been focused on designing a curriculum that includes Project Based Learning and STEM at every grade level.  

Project Based Learning

Each teacher integrates Project Based Learning (PBL) within their classroom and beyond.

PBL enlivens learning because students tackle an authentic and challenging problem through sustained inquiry that prompts reflection and culminates in a public product. For example, our Department Chairs of English and Social Studies have created a year-long course in the Humanities, which will synthesize literature with history and civics. The first unit, “I Am Malala” asks what is the value of education by exploring the themes of self-reliance, academic choice, freedom and coming to age . Working collaboratively,  students will look at text from a literary, critical and historical perspective.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)

Our Science Department Chair is working to more fully implement STEM at each grade level. STEM education involves the study of science and mathematics, and the meaningful integration of technology and engineering to provide opportunities for innovative problem solving. Using the engineering design process, students identify problems, develop and test possible solutions, and ultimately reach a solution. For example, our middle school is participating in the Billion Oyster Project by cultivating, monitoring and harvesting oysters both in the classroom and the harbor. Growth will be tracked and reported in the classroom over the year. Research and results will be presented at the Annual STEM Symposium in a joint effort with schools, scientists and community members to help restore the harbor’s natural habitat.