The Greek Private School of Choice in Brooklyn, New York since 1963

As a Greek Orthodox Elementary and Middle School, A. Fantis Parochial School prides itself in offering a rigorous academic curriculum in a nurturing environment. Based on Hellenic culture and Christian teachings, this Brooklyn private school ensures that children from preschool to middle school are educated in a tight-knit community with small class sizes so that students can experience individualized instruction. Along with a low staff to student ratio, students are also provided a competitive curriculum, informal and formal assessments, and impressive academic enrichment opportunities. When you attend our private school open house, you will learn more how our curriculum prepares your child to change the world.

A. Fantis Open House Dates

Pre-K3Universal Pre-KKindergartenElementary SchoolMiddle School

Wednesday January 31st 9am

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Since our Brooklyn private school offers a strong academic and cultural curriculum, many families continue to be attracted to our educational program. In order to ensure that our students are prepared for a rapidly evolving society, our teachers integrate Project Based Learning or PBL into their classroom instruction. PBL focuses on guiding students through an active exploration of real-world problems and developing a solution to such local or global challenges with 21st-century tools. Our ongoing implementation of STEM education at every grade level will also present students with many opportunities for innovative problem-solving. All of our educational programs are based on Hellenic culture and Christian teachings.

Innovative After School Programs

After school programs are an important aspect of student life at this best private school in Brooklyn. Here are our most popular after-school enrichment activities.

Music and Art: Our Greek dance program meets every Friday afternoon to prepare for creative events. Our art program is offered on Thursday afternoons. Students can also partake in piano, voice, and dance lessons.

Tutoring Services: Free ELA and Math State Exam enrichment are available to students in grades 3 through 8. Other tutorial services are also offered after school.

Sports & Physical Education: Our Falcons basketball team practices twice a week after school. Students can also participate in our new soccer program.

Specialized Programs: We are one of the only private schools in NYC that provides specialized programs to students who would like to challenges themselves. Some of these programs include chess, coding, karate, engineering, and yoga.


Student Achievement

Our classroom teachers, department chairs, and administration work together to perform periodic informal and formal assessments to evaluate students’ progress across academic and social domains. Students’ performance is measured year around with interviews, observations, and standard assessments like NYS ELA and Math Exams. We encourage parents to monitor the results of our assessments by reviewing the progress reports, attending parent/teacher conferences, and reviewing the communication folder and app.

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If you have recently googled “private schools near me,” you should definitely attend our private school open house to learn more about our revolutionary Christian education. As the best private school in Brooklyn for kindergarten through 8th-grade learners, our ultimate goal is to cultivate bright, well-rounded students who will be critical thinkers and problem solvers. Join us for our private school open house to discover how our focus on building a close-knit community will play a key role in your child’s success. To sign up, fill out the form here.


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