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Athens as Your Classroom

Once upon a time students had “pen pals” in other countries. Today it’s a whole different experience. Fantis students visit Greece each year as part of a cultural exchange program, culminating years of studying Hellenic culture and the Greek language. Part of the “Classroom NYC & Beyond” initiative, Fantis students explore the vast world in order to make learning more authentic and meaningful—from Pre-K trips to the Transit Museum to a Middle School overnight camping trip in Upstate New York.

Our approach blends tradition with innovation to empower the whole child. Join our next Open House to learn more about what makes Fantis unique. The Early Admissions Cycle ends November 29. Register for one of our Open Houses during our Regular Admissions Cycle from September to November 2021. We look forward to meeting you!

09/21/21 – Tuesday  6:00 pm

10/7/21 – Thursday 6:00 pm

10/20/21 – Wednesday 6:00 pm

11/3/21 – Wednesday 6:00 pm

11/16/21 – Tuesday 6:00 pm

We look forward to meeting you!

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