Melissa Obot
Science Chair
A. Fantis Parochial School
[email protected]

Grade 5: Explore The Possibilities of Biodiversity:
The budding scientists of Grade 5 are exploring the characteristics of world Biomes, Ecosystems, investigating the continuity of life by designing their own experiments using the scientific method and making models, to demonstrate how animals have changed over time.
Students are involved in collaborative group and independent activities, using technology to research and communicate how the behaviors and physical adaptations allow organism to survive in their environments.Grade 6: Genetics and Bio- Technology
The Forensic Scientists of Grade 6 are Exploring Cellular activities hands on:extracting DNA from fruits and using the microscope to view different types of cells.
Working in small collaborative groups, students make models of DNA Double Helix and decoding DNA sequence to solve crimes in the forensic lab.

Grade 7 Physicist
The Physicists of Grade 7 are investigating how light and sound travels.
Utilizing STEM in every activities students work in small collaborative groups to design their own experiments using the scientific methods and making models of musical instruments, pinhole cameras and bringing the lessons to the museums!

Grade 8 Exploring the Possibilities: Great Ideas change the World!
The Explorers of Grade 8 conduct laboratory experiments for every lesson in the Living Environment Regents Class!
Totally hands On: using the microscope, extracting DNA, Osmosis, Edible Cells, Biodiversity.
Small collaborative groups using technology for researching and online virtual labs.Not forgetting Field Trips ! This course culminates in the Living Environment State Regents exam.