Kathy Noufrios
Kindergarten Teacher
A. Fantis Parochial School
[email protected]

Kindergarten is where children prepare for their academic future and develop a strong belief in his or her own ability to achieve. Social and emotional development is also integral in Kindergarten where students are learning to manage their emotions and adjust to a classroom setting. Students learn the importance of hard work, take pride in doing their personal best and are encouraged to be expressive and communicative.Children in Kindergarten are exposed to many different kinds of learning experiences including guided reading, literacy circles, math and science skills, language and literature experiences, motor and social development. Integrated into these are learning centers, journal writing and an introduction to a variety of literature and author studies.

Children are also exposed to the arts in which they learn about famous artists and composers. Thematic units are incorporated into the curriculum to help students understand and draw connections from the real world.

Reading, an integral part in Kindergarten where children learn letter and sound recognition, long and short vowel sounds, sight words, concept of print and decoding of words using leveled readers.

The building on important math concepts such as sorting, graphing, counting, classifying, patterns, time and money, measurement, geometry, and addition and subtraction all happen in the world of Kindergarten.

Kindergarten learning centers are workstations set up to and focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and Literacy. Students move along the centers using manipulatives to complete tasks which promote critical thinking and problem solving and small group interaction.

In addition to the above, Greek, Music, Art, Religion & Physical Education solidifies a well-rounded curriculum.

To further pique their curiosity and spark their creativity, the children perform hands-on activities not only in science but in math and literacy as well. More hands-on learning takes place when Kindergarten goes on several enriching field trips throughout the year such as the Intrepid and the Center for Architecture.

Kindergarten provides a meaningful experience to develop a lifelong love for learning here at A. Fantis.